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Looking for safe and effective addiction treatment can be overwhelming. 

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Why does traditional 30-day addiction treatment fail 60%* of the time?

*Statistics referenced from: Treatment Outcomes: Substance Use at One and Six Months; July 2009; Foundations Recovery Network 



+ 1 Year Free Recovery Coaching

Call: 615-900-2358

+ On-site Detox Facility

+ Renowned Psychologists

+ Free Insurance Benefit Check

Addiction is a chronic illness that requires a long term solution. The key to lasting sobriety is maintaining connection with patients after they leave inpatient treatment to help them integrate their new coping skills and healthy habits into everyday life. At JourneyPure, each patient is assigned a recovery coach who creates an individualized aftercare plan monitored daily using our unique JourneyPure Coaching™ app.

Step 1: Assessment

When you call, we conduct a free addiction and mental health assessment, check your insurance benefits and answer any questions you have about our program.


Our welcoming staff will help you check in at our drug and alcohol detox facility and inpatient residential campus. Our renowned psychologists treat the whole person behind the addiction addressing mental health, nutrition and exercise. 

Step 2: Treatment

After your 30-day stay is complete, your personal recovery coach will work with you to develop an aftercare plan and track your progress for a full year at no additional cost. 

Step 3: Coaching

Freedom from addiction is within reach.

The difference between relapse and lasting recovery: JourneyPure Coaching™ App 



"Journey Pure has given me tools and hope and, by using this app, my tools increase daily. My life today is a blessing, I hope everyone finds what I'm experiencing. It's nothing short of a miracle." 

"Not only are you saving lives, you are locating lost souls, mending broken people, reuniting families. I can't thank you enough. This is not goodbye, it's see you later."

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